3 Garage Door Repair Tips

You rely on your garage doors to work properly without too much noise or delay, but you will occasionally need to perform some basic repairs. The following garage repair tips will help guide you toward troubleshooting and knowing when it is okay to make the repairs on your own.

Get the Garage Door Maintained Regularly

First and foremost, it is important that your garage door is inspected and maintained on a regular basis. This can help prevent many of the routine issues you might eventually face, such as having a door that is too noisy or a door that is frozen. It can also look for problems with the door materials, springs, or other door elements. Do a visual inspection regularly to check the mounting hardware, look for signs of wear on the hinges, and check the springs, pulleys, and cables. When it is spring cleaning time, take the time out to inspect the door elements even further, and clean the outside and inside of the garage door thoroughly. A garage door professional can check the door mechanisms and hardware with more detail.

Not All Door Repairs Should be DIY

Even if you are accustomed to do-it-yourself (DIY) home repairs, not all of them are safe or appropriate for you to try on your own. For example, repairs that have to do with the cables and springs must be done by a professional. These are among the most dangerous parts of a garage door, so it is never recommended that you try the repairs yourself. It is also dangerous to try and fix problems with the garage door rollers, especially more severe problems, such as loose tension springs or a twisted track. Other things not to fix yourself include:

  • Motor operator problems with electric garage doors

  • Damaged garage door panels

  • Broken safety equipment

Consider Whether You Need to Replace the Door

Replacing a garage door is usually only done when yours has severe damage or you simply want an upgraded door. For the most part, it can be more of a hassle than it is worth, with a few exceptions. If your door needs so much work that the labour and part costs are nearly as much as buying a new door and having it installed, it is probably worth upgrading. You might also want a new door if you have a manual door and want an electric one. However, if your door still works, you might want to think twice before having the entire thing replaced. Contractors can complete repairs to make it nearly as good as new.