Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

Replacing a garage door is undoubtedly a big job, and not a cheap one. However, there is a point when you have to make the investment due to all the different issues you are having with your garage door. Aside from cosmetic and visual appeal problems, there are some other signs that it is time to replace your current door.

It Responds Slowly

Even if the garage door is still opening and closing when pressing the button, it might be responding slowly. If you press the button on your electric garage door opener, and it seems to wait a few seconds before slowly opening, there is likely a problem with the door. There should not be a delay with a door that is in good working condition. There could be a problem with the garage door opener, tracks, or other mechanisms. It might just be old and worn out and simply needing to be replaced.

Repairs Seem More Frequent

Garage door repair contractors do a great job of fixing the little problems that tend to happen over the lifespan of a garage door. Unfortunately, you need to decide when the repairs are getting to be too much and you are better off simply replacing the door. The next time the repair professional comes over to fix another problem, ask them if they think you should just replace the door. Many of them recommend this option when the repair costs become too high and the work is no longer worth it.

The Energy Bills Are Rising

Your garage door not only keeps your garage protected, but it should also help you maintain proper insulation throughout your home. If you have found that your energy bills are rising, you might be in need of a new door. In many cases, the loss of insulation is due to the garage door. Newer models have excellent insulation based on how they are built and installed, so you can experience a cost savings and reduction in energy used in your home by replacing it.

It Makes a Lot of Noise

Many garage doors make noise when opening or closing, so just hearing little creaks isn't usually a problem. It is more of a sign that it needs to be replaced when the noises become almost intolerable. If you are covering your ears due to the high-pitched squeal every time you open the door, it is definitely time for a new one. You might also hear a lot of straining or creaking, which can be signs of wear, garage door spring issues, or garage door opener problems. If the repairs don't help with these issues, it is time to make the investment in a new door altogether.

If you have any questions about whether or not your garage door needs replacing, consider contacting a specialist on garage doors to discuss your concerns.