4 Benefits of Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors provide a natural, classic look to your home, but there are also many other benefits. When you are considering choosing wood, it helps to know the many different benefits so you can decide if this is a good option for you. Here are some benefits of choosing wood garage doors.

They Are Resistant to Damage

Physical damage of the garage door is much less severe when you have a garage door made of wood. Some of the other materials, such as vinyl and aluminum, have a tendency to get dented very easily. However, if your garage door is made of real wood, accidentally hitting it with a basketball while playing hoops in the driveway or running into it with a bicycle is not going to cause physical damage. While it is not impenetrable, wood does tend to be a little more durable as far as this form of damage is concerned.

Multiple Design Options Are Available

Wood garage doors are often chosen for their look, but you might not realize exactly how many different styles and designs are available. The first decision to make is what type of wood you want. This can change many of the qualities of the doors, along with the look and style of grain. Some wood to choose from include oak, hemlock, cedar, redwood, fir, and walnut. Then there are different styles of doors, such as intricate panels, traditional carriage doors, or modern designs. You can also get the wood garage door in any color or stain and can change the color later on if you decide to.

You Can Replace One Portion of the Door

If you have damage to the garage door, you don't typically have to replace the entire door. For example, if a car ran into only one panel of the door, you can have just that panel replaced. This is one of the top benefits of choosing wood over other materials. Based on how the wood doors are built, there are individual panels that can be replaced. With steel or vinyl doors, this is rarely an option. This saves you money and time when the door is in need of repairs.

Wood Is Eco-Friendly

Wood garage doors are considered more environmentally-friendly since wood is a renewable resource. If the wood garage door is ever replaced, you can recycle the wood and it can be used for other projects. When getting a new garage door, you might find that yours is actually made from recycled materials. Using real wood instead of pressure-treated wood also means no chemicals were used to make the doors. 

For more information about your options, contact a local garage company that offers installation and garage door repairs.