Tips for Removing a Security Screen Door

A security screen door is designed to make entrance into your home more difficult. This type of door offers an added level of protection, but there might be some instances when you need to have it removed. If you are looking to remodel the entryway to your home, you likely need to remove the security screen door. Since this door is specifically designed to increase security, it can be a complicated process of removal. It is important that you are aware of helpful tips that make removing a security screen door possible and less time consuming.


The unique design of a security screen door is what makes it so difficult to remove. The hinge pins on this type of door are not designed to be removable, which is why they are so secure. Even the bolts on a security screen door are only designed to be tightened and do not easily loosen. When you are working to remove this type of door, it is important that you start working from the outside of the door. You should make sure that the door is completely closed and latched before you begin working.


In order to remove a security screen door, you will have to use pliers. Pliers are a tool that you can use to remove the hinges and bolts that are specifically designed to be difficult to remove. It requires the use of pliers and a lot of effort on your part in order to be able to remove the bolts that are fitted on the security screen door. You can begin by placing the pliers over the bolt head; you want to see how tight the pliers should be. Once you have a tight grip on the bolt, you can then move the pliers in a motion that is counter clockwise. This should effectively loosen the bolt.


In some instances, the bolts will not come loose using just pliers alone. You may have to place a socket over the bolt and hammer it a few times to loosen the bolt. This will allow you to then put the tightened pliers over the bolt and move it counter clockwise until it loosens fully. A pair of pliers can also be used to remove the hinge pins that are in place. If you notice that the bolts do not have a shoulder that you can grip onto, it is not possible to use pliers for removal. This means that you will have to use a professional door installer to take the door off of the frame.

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