Some Important Tips for Choosing a New Residential Garage Door

A new residential garage door can add instant curb appeal to your home and even help keep the garage more secure. If the garage is attached to the home, a new door may help to insulate this part of the house. Before you decide on a new residential garage door, note a few tips to remember so you know you get the right choice.

1. Thickness

It's a common misconception that the thicker the door, the better it will insulate the home. This isn't always true, as a metal door may simply conduct heat or cold from outside no matter the thickness. If you're looking for good insulation, you want to note the R-value of a door. This refers to the insulating properties of any material. A garage door may be thin but have a high R-value because it's made with an insulating foam between two outer layers. A thinner door with a higher R-value may be more lightweight overall so that it also doesn't put as much added stress and strain on the spring and chain when it opens and closes, while still keeping out hot or cold air.

2. Material

You might want to opt for a metal door because you assume it's the strongest and safest, but note that wood doors are usually given a metal inner core to add to their durability and strength so they're not very easy to simply pry open or break into. However, wood does need more maintenance than steel or other metals as it will need to be repainted over time. It might also be more prone to chipping and cracking if you have constant impacts against the door itself. Consider how much abuse your door might take when choosing the material; if you have kids who are always riding bikes into it or tossing balls against it, a steel or vinyl door can be the better option.

3. Safety

Don't overlook safety and even convenience when choosing a new garage door. A spring contained inside a steel tube is safer in case the spring breaks; it won't snap forward and cause injury when encased in steel. Being able to rotate the signal of your garage door opener so no one can copy it and open the door with their own device can keep the garage safer. A roller door can even be more convenient if you need space on the garage ceiling for storage and to avoid having the garage swing out into the driveway when being opened, potentially causing injury.