4 Simple Garage Door Opener Maintenance Tips for New Users

A garage door is one of the most-used parts of a home because it allows the recurrent entrance and exit of vehicles to your home. It means that regular maintenance should be prioritized to extend its lifespan. Therefore, proper handling of a garage door opener can save you costly repairs or replacement of parts, especially if you are on a bare-bones budget. Garage doors can last for years if the opener components are working correctly. Here are essential maintenance tips for garage door openers that new users must know. 

Sensors – Sensors are the bread and butter of an automatic garage door opening system. Without sensors, your remote control would be useless, and you will be forced to resort to a manual system, which is retrogressive and a major inconvenience. Furthermore, the sensors help the auto-reverse feature to operate, thereby preventing accidents or damages to your vehicle during the descending motion of the gate. If the sensors do not work when you place an obstacle below the gate, try aligning the sensors, as they might be out of position. If this approach does not work, then call a garage door expert to troubleshoot the device.

Check and Replace Dead Batteries – Nowadays, almost all garage door openers have batteries that aid the opening and locking mechanism. Most of these batteries act as a backup power source in the event of power outage. Therefore, check the batteries every other month to make sure they do not run out of power when you least expect. Replace dead batteries to avoid incidences where the door opener jams unexpectedly and your neighborhood is out of power.

Remote Control – Apart from the sensors, the remote control can fail to work due to various reasons. For example, a short-range remote might not be ideal for opening a garage door from longer distances. Furthermore, if the batteries in the transmitter are due for replacement, then they might not send the signal to the antenna or sensor optimally. At times, the remote control might need to be reset according to the owner's manual. If no measures work, then contact a garage door expert for a quick and professional fix.

Lubrication -- Machines that depend on rollers, springs, and belts to operate need regular lubrication for seamless functioning. Lubricate components such as joints and springs at least twice a year to facilitate the locking and opening of the garage door. Read the manufacturer's manual to understand the parts that need greasing and those that should not be lubricated.