How to Choose Perfect Rollers for Your Garage Door

Garage door rollers play a significant role in the quiet, smooth and safe operation of your garage door. If you are planning to conduct garage roller door repair, you need to know how to select suitable rollers for the garage door. Different types of garage rollers doors require different rollers, so you must make smart choices. Picking the best match for your door can be challenging as rollers come in different sizes and are made with different kinds of materials.

Know the ideal roller size for the garage door

The simplest way to identify the correct size of your garage door roller is to remove the one you are using currently and take the measurements. In case it's not possible to remove the roller, open your door half-way so that the rollers can be at the eye-level, then measure. To know the right size for your replacement roller, measure across the width using a tape measure or ruler.

It's also important to measure the stem or shaft that's attached to the roller. Stem length is standard too, so measure the one you have since the one needs to be the same size. Note that old doors may need custom-sized rollers.

Decide on a steel or nylon replacement

The material used to create the roller is also significant. For instance, it will determine how quiet your garage door will be when being operated, how much the rollers will cost, and how long they will last. Usually, rollers have ball bearings that make a significant difference in how quiet the door operates. Note that the more the ball bearings, the less noisy the door will be, and the longer it'll last. But, you should also remember that more ball bearings mean a higher cost. However, when making an investment that will last between twelve to twenty years, paying some extra money for quality is worth it.

Generally, steel rollers last long, but they are far louder. A premium-nylon garage door roller can last from 12 up to 20 years. Therefore, you have to choose between a quieter door that will last up to twenty years or a noisier one (steel rollers) that will give you an additional five years. Your garage door repair expert should be able to help you make an informed choice if you are finding it hard to do it by yourself. Unlike steel rollers, nylon rollers don't need lubrication, and this makes them less troublesome and more efficient. Although they are costlier compared to steel, these rollers are perfect for residential applications.