What You Can Do about a Noisy Garage Door

If your garage door is disturbing your whole neighborhood with its noise when you open and close it, you might be wondering if you need to call a repair person. However, you can conduct some minor repairs on your garage door without calling a professional, and reducing the magnitude of the noise emitted by a garage door is one of these easy repair tasks. This article suggests some measures that you can take to make your garage door less noisy as you open or close it.

Replace or Tighten Loose Bolts

Open your garage door and observe the components of the door that anchor the structure into the wall of your house. Take note of where different bolts attach different garage door components to the frame of the garage door. Use an appropriate tool, such as a wrench, to tighten any bolts that are no longer flush against the wall. Buy replacement bolts for those that are missing. The garage door will rattle less after this repair exercise.

Replace Rubber Pads

Rubber pads are placed between the mounting of the garage door motor and the ceiling. Those pads absorb the vibrations created by the running motor. Once those pads deteriorate over time, the garage door becomes noisy. The remedy to that noise is to buy and install replacement pads. Visit a hardware store near you and find out if they stock those rubber pads. If they don't, ask for help in locating where you can buy them.

Lubricate the Door

Springs, hinges, and roller bearings of garage doors may need to be lubricated frequently. Consult the manual of your garage door and find out what kind of lubricants are recommended for your model of garage door. Buy that lubricant and apply it to the parts stipulated by the garage door manufacturer.

Tighten the Chain

Does the garage door jerk as you open or close it? That jerking, especially if it is accompanied by loud noises, may signal that the chain of your garage door is loose. Each make of garage door has specific steps that should be taken in order to tighten the chain. Read the manual of your garage door carefully and follow the guidelines given on how to tighten that loose chain.

It is important to remember that the excessive noise made by your garage door may be a result of a combination of several factors. You should therefore contact a garage door repair professional in case there is no positive change after you have implemented the suggestions above.